Antitrust Code by Concurrences

Assessing the Strength of Network Effects in Social Network Platforms

April 15, 2021

Network effects (vectors, volume, velocity…) have risen to the forefront in recent years because of the online presence and now more than ever need to be taken into account In the new digital age.

In this episode of the Podcast Series "Antitrust Code by Concurrences", Marco Iansiti (David Sarnoff Professor of Business Administration and Co-director of the Laboratory for Information Science at Harvard Business School) is being interviewed on assessing the strength of network effects in social network platforms.

Video available on Concurrences Youtube channel

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- US Federal Trade Commission, The US FTC sues the world’s dominant social network company for illegal monopolization, requires divesting its acquisitions of up-and-coming rivals, and prohibiting the imposition of anti-competitive conditions on software developers (Facebook), 9 December 2020, e-Competitions December 2020, Art. N° 98311

- Concurrences Webinar - Tipping in digital platform markets, 21 September 2020

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