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Foreign Direct Investment - France Episode

June 11, 2021

Concurrences, in partnership with Baker McKenzie, is launching a special series dedicated to foreign direct investment, as part of the "Antitrust Code" Podcast. The podcast series aims to decode antitrust law and policy. Our guests discuss the latest news and topical issues in competition law and economics around the world.

In this new episode of the series, Marie-Anne Lavergne (Head of Unit - Foreign Direct Investment, DG Trésor) and Guillaume Nataf (Partner, Baker Mckenzie) are interviewed by Samantha Mobley (Partner, Baker McKenzie) on Foreign Investment Screening in France.

Video available on Concurrences Youtube channel

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This podcast series has received unrestricted financial support from Baker MacKenzie. The opinions and judgments expressed by the speakers are entirely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of their institution/company.

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